'a unique piece of art that represents a tradition but stands for so much more'


Nira is an art collective, delivering multiple design products created by local artists from Morocco. 

The word ‘Nira’ comes from the machine which creates the beautiful and well know Moroccan rugs. The ‘Nira’ forms the connection between different threads and holds it all together, in order to eventually create the rugs.

Nira locals, want’s the spotlight on the creators who are actually creating the rugs and not just on the brand selling it.

We believe in the true artists behind the product we sell and therefore we want to expose them in a true way.

We are working with locals in different places in Morocco to give them the opportunity to learn about our new generation’s lifestyle and how we can work together. 

Nira’s focus is to bring people together to one direction of art and quality of life. 

A story has been woven

Nira comes from a family that has lived their entire life with creating art for a living.

The head of the family is Aicha Nefiha, which is the woman who provided her family while creating beautiful art,  which was mainly making rugs.

Aicha has been always thinking of connecting to the world and opening up to show the true artist in her. To show her skills to the rest of the world, but unfortunately time didn’t allow her. She had to work for others to make a living and provide for her family.

For me as her son I grew up with her talents and skills, we even helped my mom with all the work when we were kids. I see the true artist in my mother and want to make her dreams come true by creating a platform for her. 

With Nira I want to create that platform she deserves in order to show her talents.

Not only do I want to give my mom this opportunity, but also the other artists my mom is working with and every other artist involved with Nira.

Our goal is to share a culture that is almost lost through time. By infusing art from old traditions and using new conceptual ideas, we are keeping this culture young and alive.

Although we are still a company with it’s inseparable goal to be profitable, we refuse to exploit hard working people in rural parts of the world of our own gain. 

We want to create the most sustainable way of design for our artists and buyers and inspire the world to follow us.

When I was a kid I grew up with a big family that made a living by selling their art pieces. Moroccan rugs. The biggest inspiration in the family is my mum Aicha Nefiha. She spent her whole life making handmade Moroccan rugs and clothing. She started when she was 9 years old. I remember her going to her special workshop every morning. There she would share her ideas with other women from her neighborhood and they would make the most beautiful rugs together. Beautiful rugs that are based on imagination and tradition. The example of these women is the reason I fell in love with art and design. I’ve learned every detail about making rugs by hand. From how to wash and process the new wool till the end product. Every rug is literally a story that has been woven. Every small thread and line has a meaning. Because of my tradition and my upbringing being part of a community of weavers, the idea came to collaborate with Nick and to share our designs both traditional and modern. Nira Locals stands for high quality handmade products and supporting local artists.
Hamity Bahtat
Co-Founder, Owner
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