Rug Reliëf Welja


Reliëf Welja 170cm x 250cm

  • Handmade
  • 100 % organic 
  • 100% wool 
  • Hand washed and dried in the sun
  • Knots taken out by hand to create terrain

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The process of making Rug Relief Welja is super unique. It requires a lot of steps and a lot of focus. Aicha says she always needs a lot of patience when she tries to focus on the relief. First she needs to create strings out of the wool Then she has to color the strings and dry them naturally in the sun. It takes Aicha at least one week to get the strings ready to start weaving. Next she can start weaving on the machine (Merma).

After weaving the whole rug from beginning till end, she can start shaving the first layer to make the surface one level. Then it all comes down to the last step which is designing the rug. Every terrain line you see on the rug has been taken string by string. These strings are very small and hard to see. It might take Aicha up to one month to complete.


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